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There are numerous Buildings within the game of Godus. The total amount is believed to increase as the game develops further.



(for more information see Abodes).

  • These are the place in which your Followers live.
  • These act as areas for your Followers to breed and increase.
  • Once Settlements are placed on the map, certain sized Abodes will add a second story.
  • They can be damaged by Weather, Followers will automatically fix them though being in a Settlement will protect them.



(For more information see Farming.)

  • Plots of land in which crops are grown by your Followers.
  • The wheat grown here is collected and once certain amounts are reached new Technology Cards are unlocked.
  • Like Abodes, fields can come in different sizes.


(For more information see Shrines.)

  • Shrines are dotted around the map all of them taking a certain amount of time to construct. However the build time can be decreased if you have more Followers aiding in constructing them. Since v2.0 there are 4 types of Shrines these being:
    • Capacity
    • Craft
    • Speed
    • Stamina


  • Temples were in GODUS until v2.0.
  • Temple of Fertility.
    • Increased Fertility of Abodes in range.
    • Rebuilt by Followers who live within its range.
  • Mount of the Gods
  • Temple of Battles


  • Statues were in GODUS until v2.0 when they all became Shrines.


  • Roads can be created within a Settlement at a cost to Faith once the required cards is researched.
  • Prior to v2.0 roads appeared automatically once a Settlement was place on the map. All of the roads grew instantly from the village square joining all the Abodes together.

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